Beautiful Easter Books That Point Us to Jesus

Inspired by Jeanie, who asked me on Facebook if I had a list of good Easter books for her to collect, here's our small collection. It's difficult to find Easter books that talk about the real meaning of Easter, isn't it?

I've long wanted to make Easter as big a celebration in our home as Christmas, but our culture just doesn't help us do that. What is celebrated resembles spring, not the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But you know that.

So let's start giving our kids some beautiful Easter memories, shall we? 

Do You Sometimes Feel Like Dad Gets to Have All the Fun?

Yeah, we do, too. We are the "have to" parent - the one who tells the kids that we have to clean up breakfast and we have to start math and we have to run laundry and we have to . . . you know. The list of have to's is endless. Then dad comes home at the end of the day and -whoosh! - he gets to play with the kids and enjoy them and finish the day with a healthy dose of fun.

That's a wonderful thing (and might be the reverse in your home), but sometimes we moms would like to be the "get to" parent, too! 

We're chatting with Rachael and Davis Carman, owners of Apologia, over on HomeschoolingIRL today. As the homeschooling parents of 7 children themselves, Rachael and Davis know the conundrum of the "have to/get to" parent all too well. Join us! You can listen by clicking through the graphic below or by downloading the episode straight from iTUNES.

In the meantime . . .

Oh, friends. It's been, well, LIFE. So I'll spare you the "It's so crazy around here!" declarations and get right to a quickie post about what has been going on in the Fletcher home.

School. Yes, school goes on. And on and on and on . . . I pulled out an old stack of National Geographic magazines and Christian has been devouring all the stuff that appeals to boys who love things like maps and rockets and mud and indigenous tribes.

Art. We are tackling art projects from Deep Space Sparkle because I love them! Simple, often literature-linked, these are beautiful projects that this non-art mom can do. Man, someone needs to clean that table!

Tennis. This boy is doing so well despite being the world's most distracted 7-year-old. 

Swimming. Winter in California perk (heated outdoor pool).


Basketball. This year both Jack (the guy with the red and black shoes in the photo) and Abby are playing on teams. It's been no end of fun to go cheer them on every week!


Braces. Ab got her braces off after 8 years - EIGHT YEARS! They were trying to avoid having to break her jaw, and were successful, much to our relief. She also got her driver's permit and news of a 4.0 GPA in the same week. It was a good week for her!

Injury. I wish I had some really cool story to tell you about how I tore a ligament on the top of my foot, but the truth is, I didn't see the step down into the racquetball court where my kids were hitting balls. It's been two weeks and I'm still icing it.

Mr. Sun. Christian dug out the summer clothes today and announced that he's "Mr. Sun". Sounds good to me! I hope spring is making its way quickly to your part of the Northern Hemisphere, too!


p.s. Come join us over on HomeschoolingIRL, where we're producing a podcast for you every week!