Clipboard Chores- the List

In my last post I wrote about the list of chores I keep on a clipboard to use as discipline. Clipboard jobs include:

-clean front and garage doors with all-purpose cleaner-weeding front and back flower beds
-weeding the lawn
-sweeping the garage
-washing and vacuuming cars
-cleaning the laundry room
–sweeping cobwebs off the outside and inside of house
-vacuuming lampshades
-scrubbing tile and grout with a toothbrush
-scrubbing the dishwasher
-scrubbing the pool tile with a mitt
-brushing algae off the sides of the pool
-vacuuming all the carpet in the house
-cleaning and filling the hummingbird feeder
-cleaning all the painted wood trim in the house with all-purpose cleaner
-washing windows inside or out, or both
-cleaning the mailbox, inside and out
-washing out all garbage cans, including the big ones
-washing down all the toys
-cleaning the bathtub drains out
-cleaning the bikes and helmets; check for maintenance
-dusting each book in the schoolroom
-polishing Grammy’s silver
-vacuuming all the upholstered furniture
-changing everyone's linens and then washing them
-polishing shoes
-cleaning the spindles and risers on the staircase with all-purpose cleaner