Chicago- Day One

Our drive into downtown Chicago took us right into Pamela’s neighborhood. I can’t tell you what a delight it was to pull up to her home and see her welcome us; we have only ever “talked” via email and have built a friendship through our correspondence. To actually meet this dear woman in person was such a privilege.

 Pamela is the epitome of hospitality. She welcomed us into her home where we met her husband and three delightful children. I loved talking with them about their homeschooling, the snake skin her youngest son has collected, and the doll aprons her daughter makes. I love that now every time I read Pamela’s blog and emails, I can picture her sitting at her computer in her cozy Chicago home.

We set off for the day with Pamela as our tour guide. She told us interesting historical facts about the neighborhoods we were in and the sites we were seeing. She had already purchased train tickets for us so we could easily move around the city and she had packed umbrellas for each of us, knowing that the forecast was calling for rain. Organization born out of thoughtfulness.

We enjoyed a really delicious Chicago deep-dish pizza, then trekked over to Moody Bible Institute where Pamela’s husband is a professor. We spent a good few hours in conversation and at one point, uncontrollable laughter. Pamela taught us to make jewelry, so each of us took home a unique bracelet and earring set. What a treat!



At the end of the day, I don’t think any of us wanted to part. I am thankful that in this era of the internet, God has used it to bring like-minded brothers and sisters in Christ closer together this side of heaven.