Book Review- The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study



Bible study-- true, deep, uninterrupted time in Scripture-- is hard to come by here. While I spend time in the Word with the children in the morning and time in the Word as a family during our evening worship time, I have long struggled to glean any really deep insights into Scripture when I have my time in the Word before I am off to bed. Often I have been left feeling like I read some wonderful words but haven't applied them well to my life.

While browsing the Bible study section at our local Christian bookstore before Christmas, I noticed a book by homeschooling mom, pastor's wife, and former child actress Lisa Welchel entitled The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study: A 15-Minute Daily Plan. 15 minutes? Really? Exactly how deep could one get in a mere 15 minutes?

As I flipped through the book there in the bookstore, I realized that what Lisa had done was given us distracted, busy, struck by the tyranny-of-the-urgent moms tool after tool after tool for reading, memorizing, meditating upon, gleaning, and yes-- even delving deeply into-- the Word of God daily. In 15 minutes. Really.

But then after having possessed and utilized the book for several weeks, I also saw that what was typically around 15 minutes was also often more because there I sat awestruck by some new insight or nugget in the day's passage. Reading what Lisa wrote and then reading the Scripture may have taken 15 minutes, but replaying the passage over again in my mind throughout the day, or meditating upon it again at lunchtime, or reading it from the index card stuffed into my pocket meant that the Word was really, truly sinking in.

Even better? I am applying the many tools for studying Scripture with my children as we study together during Circle Time. The desire, of course, is to give them a variety of tools with which to learn to love Scripture themselves. If they grow up to love and serve God, to walk with Him, there is nothing more I could ask for.

And I cannot give them what I do not possess myself.