Fun (and Free!) Little Unit Study on Honeybees

The longer I have been homeschooling, the more and more free resources I see come on to the market.  Really, if you had a computer with internet access and a printer, you wouldn't have to spend another dime to educate your kids.

Recently the younger kids (6th grade, 4th grade, 2nd grade, and kindergarten) have been doing a series of lapbooks and unit studies on different subjects from nature.  We're currently learning about Honey Bees, and so when this free little unit study put out by Haagen Dazs popped up on my radar, I was excited to find that it is perfect for my elementary students.

You can also go to the Help the Honey Bees site to learn more about Haagen Dazs's efforts to bring the honey bees back to health.  We who live in California's Central Valley appreciate that, and so should you: we produce a quarter of the nation's food and fiber, crops which rely on pollination thanks to the honey bees.


Good stuff!  Yum!