Fantastic Free Resources for Homeschooling on the Web

In my last post I wrote that we home educators have the web at our fingertips, and much of it doesn't cost a dime.  This last year I bought curriculum and resources primarily for our high schooler, but what I purchased for every other child averaged $25 per student.  $25!  I'll refrain from my comments about how I regularly wonder why the state demands more and more each year to educate a child. The government schools in California get over $8,000 to educate ONE child.  OK, I'll stop.  If I continue, the steam may just billow out of my ears. Did I mention that in our homeschool, the literacy rate is 100%?  OK, I'm stopping.  Really.

Fantastic free resources:

Homeschool Share- Free unit studies and lapbooks.  I use this site for our elementary science and nature studies.

1,000 Great Books- I've used this list for ten years and passed it on the hundreds of people.  When my kids were little, I'd take the list to the library and use it as a guide.  Now I do the same thing when I reserve books online.

Copywork from Simply Charlotte Mason- If you're looking for solid copywork for your younger kids, Simply Charlotte Mason has excellent downloadable sheets with good passages, poetry, and hymns.

Trip Journal from Simply Charlotte Mason- Turn any trip into a field trip with a downloadable journal for your kids to use.

History Clip Art and Coloring Pages- Not a homeschooling site, but beautiful and interesting historical images.

Crafts for Girls and Moms- Although not being updated anymore, this blog is filled with cute and doable projects for moms and daughters (sons, too!)

Free Forms for Homeschoolers- Sample letters, forms, transcripts, logs, journals, and many more.

Donna Young- Indispensable!  A wealth, a priority!  I use Donna's forms every year across the age spectrum.

Flash Card Machine- Input the data, print out the cards.

Ambleside Online- Charlotte Mason resources.

Calvary Chapel Bible Curriculum for Children-  These downloadable studies have made up whole years of Bible study for my kids.  They love them!

Homeschool Videos- Fun, educational, and did I mention fun?

Free Lesson Plans and Activities-  A resource for classroom teachers that can be modified for the home educator.

The National Gallery of Art Loan Program- We've checked out some great films on ancient art and culture.  I do remember one of the films from when I was in school, so some of the resources are classroom classics.

Free Notebooking Pages- Great for letting your kids learn to take notes while you read aloud.

Worksheet Works- Make your own worksheets featuring many useful topics.

Homeschool Launch- A clearing house sort of site where home educators post their worksheets, lap books, and unit studies.  We've gotten some very useful tools here.

Writing Prompts and Journal Topics- Journaling is a great way to get your students to write.

Awesome Stories- History tools, video clips, short bios and synopses of historical events make this site the number one resource I used during the year we studied the modern age.

99 Days of Summer Kids Games- P.E. fun!

There are many, many free resources for history and science on the web if you'll simply enter what you're looking for in a search engine.  If you have a favorite free homeschooling resource that isn't included in the list here, please feel free to post it.