I Really Hate to Exercise

Really. Hate. If it doesn't have a purpose in the moment, then I don't want to do it. I enjoy organized sports, dance (I studied ballet for 15 years), and swimming, but to exercise for its own sake? No thanks.

However. I have had eight children. I have gained more weight than I care to admit. And I like to try and lose it every now and again. After I had our sixth, I finally found an exercise program that worked for me. After six weeks of eating right and working out with Slim in Six, I lost 25 pounds and two sizes. After six babies, I was down to a size 8 petite.


Enjoying My Grandpa- September, 2005


This time, the variables are different. I have 40 pounds to lose, two babies, six students, and limited energy. Slim in Six requires an hour each day and I just can't do that right now. I can give it 30 minutes a day, however, so I'm trying the less crazy Slim Series Express.

The cool thing? My husband started with me on Monday night. And even more fun? The kids like to do it, too.

Anyone want to join us?