Just Live Your Life With Your Kids

I wrote the following post several weeks ago, not knowing that yesterday our five-year-old would fracture her pelvis in two places, the result of hopping out of the van as I parked it in the driveway.  We have returned after 24 hours of ERs, ambulances, and hospitals to a month of rest for her (can't put a cast on a pelvis) and again, boundless thankfulness to God for preserving a child of ours yet again.

One of the PICU doctors who treated Mighty Joe's Enterovirus this past summer visited us today before our little girl was discharged.  I don't know if this skilled man of medicine whom we have come to respect and appreciate greatly believes in the God of the Bible, but as we stood and talked today about the fact that two of our children's lives were spared in 2008, he said, "Thank God".

Yes, thank God!

I've done a lot of thinking these past few weeks I haven't been blogging.  My husband and I have been mulling many things over, including our parenting, our children, and our family life.

We've been homeschooling for 12 years now, and we've seen many things come and go.  We've jumped on a few bandwagons ourselves, some to our detriment, others to our benefit.  Here's the thing:  there is no one right method of parenting/homeschooling/churching for every family. Some of us get so caught up in a system, an ideology, or a paradigm that we can't just live life.

Ever since Mighty Joe battled fiercely for his seven-week-old life, my whole entire perspective has changed.  I feel ill-equipped to give anyone advice.  Some of you have emailed me over the break asking for my opinion or wisdom and you know it took me weeks to reply.  I just don't feel worthy of that position.  You're free to continue emailing me, but do so with the understanding that I don't have all the answers.  Actually, I only have one: love God.

And live your life!  Boldly!  With great joy!  Passionately!

Happy to be back sharing my life with you all-