Why I Label Everything

When I was in high school, I worked in the kitchen at the summer camp I attended each year. Nothing seemed cooler to me at the time than being on staff there, and I loved cracking 22 dozen eggs at a time, walking into the walk-in fridge, and using the giant mixer with the whale-sized paddle. My current family kitchen on a grander scale :D

One excellent thing about that camp kitchen and any commercial kitchen, really, was that everything is labeled. The staff changes from camp to camp, and in order for anyone to know where anything is, stuff must be labeled.

So when I found that my "staff", all under the age of 15, was not putting dishes away where they belonged, didn't know where we kept the milk (!), and wondered what in the world we keep in the bake center (!!), I recalled that summer camp kitchen and set to work with my Brother P-Touch. I'm in love with that little machine.

Everything can be labeled. Everything. Our kitchen pantry now has labels: fruit, veggies, tomato products, soup, beans, sauces, peanut butter, etc. The school room shelves do, too: art, science, paintbrushes, etc.

There are items I use with regularity that cause me to pull out instructions or a recipe often enough that I found it annoying. Out came my trusty P-Touch and now the instructions are right where I need them to be:


Salton Yogurt Maker. The instructions never vary, so making yogurt is a snap for anyone in our house.





Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. The instructions, reduced to a nutshell, are right where I need them to be.