A Book Surprise- Take Back Your Family

Recently I was hanging out at a bookstore with friends (a rare experience) when I spied a book that caught my attention. The title, Take Back Your Family, seemed like the type of parenting/family book I'm accustomed to reading, but the photo of the family on the front set it apart.

I picked it up and read on the flyleaf about its author, Rev Run. The lead singer for Run DMC? Are you kidding me? See, I'm not super savvy about the shows produced and aired on MTV, but lo and behold Rev Run and his family have a reality show.

I was curious about the book because its chapter titles intrigued me: Making Your Marriage Work First, Putting Family First, Clean Out Your Clutter- Not Your Children, Examples Move the World More Than Doctrine... but what really piqued my interest was the comment the librarian made when I checked the book out: "I LOVE his show! Talk about family values!"

I have not been disappointed. Although their family has made choices vastly different than ours (Rev and his wife Justine absolutely love hip hop music and I, well, don't), the principles put forth in the book are spot on. I actually laughed aloud when I read the line they tell their children when they are seeming ungrateful, entitled to stuff, spoiled, and discontent: "I'm rich and you're not"!

Sometimes it's good to hear the same message in a new format, retold so that we gain insight into different facets of the same issues. I love that Rev and Justine love their kids so much that they want to give them the very best they know how, establishing high expectations while creating their home environment to be a place where fun, laughter, and joy abound. Walking alongside, letting them make mistakes, discovering joy in the journey.

The book is great, but if the reality show isn't for you, then by all means don't watch it.  How's that for solid advice?