Books for Advent

We love to celebrate Advent in our home.  Over the years we've used a variety of Advent devotionals, and some stand out as family favorites.  These tend to hold the interest of the majority, but our preschoolers probably won't be too attentive until the actual lighting of the Advent candles.

Ann Voskamp's beautiful writing is showcased in her Jesse Tree Advent study, The Glorious Coming



We're big Jotham's Journey fans here, and the last time we read the book for Advent, my husband's parents even joined us each night.  It's a fast-paced story with a cliff hanger almost every night!


Bartholomew's Passage is the second in the Jotham series, also fast-paced and fun.


Last in the series is Tabitha's Travels. Good, good stuff!

Last year we read through the Handel's Messiah Family Advent Reader and thoroughly enjoyed it. We'd play the pieces from The Messiah as we read, and the younger kids colored coloring pages we downloaded here (scroll down to Advent Wreath Project Sheets).

There are many more resources available for Advent, and I've hardly scratched the surface. If this is a difficult year for you financially, well then by all means pick up the best Advent book of all and read through Isaiah or one of the Gospels. Download those coloring pages I referenced above and pull out the crayons. Be blessed!