Spring To-Do List

Kendra-could you post your Spring Cleaning “to do” list on your blog? I’d love to get some ideas to get a jump start over here, even though we still have snow expected. I’m stuck in “WHATEVER” mode.


Me too!  I need lists to shake me out of "whatever" mode.

Basically, I've listed what needs to be done and am tackling each item one-at-a-time.  My goal is one room/task per day, but that's not always happening.  I can double up some days and I miss some days entirely.  My goal for the grand scheme is to have these things done before the big summer house clean has to begin.

Master Bedroom declutter
Girls Bathroom declutter
Master Bathroom declutter
Laundry Room declutter
Master Bedroom Closet declutter
Yard- plant annuals
School Room Quick declutter (this job is huge, and so a thorough cleaning will occur in the summer)
Linen Closet declutter
Hallway and Stairs- make note of items needing attention (paint touch-ups, etc.)
Entrance and Chest of Drawers declutter
Girls Closet clean out
Living Room declutter- make note of items needing attention
Craft Cupboards tidy
Dining Room sideboard declutter
Baseboards- kids scrub
Windows- wash all downstairs
Family Room declutter
Pantry reorganization
Garage general tidy
Refrigerator inventory
J and C's Room declutter
Wash outside garbage cans
Guest room and bathroom
Kitchen declutter
Wash cars
Office- declutter, paint cabinets- I am already on week three of this project. Cabinets are getting three coats of paint, and I really can only paint after most of the little crew is in bed.