Painting the Office

Dave Barry once said, (and I misquote as I'm remembering this off the top of my head), "Raising children isn't hard to do.  Anyone can do it.  It's just hard to do anything else."

I submit that homeschooling six students and taking care of a toddler and a baby makes it doubly triply difficult to do anything else.

And so when I have a major project to tackle such as the painting of cabinets, it has to be done after the youngest four are in bed.  If I'm lucky, the youngest two.

This is what the cabinets looked like after the first coat:



The wood is a 20-year-old oak that has become so orange, nothing really looks nice with it.  Lovely.


I am four weeks into this project and am now at a standstill until the countertop is finished.  One of the perks of my husband's job is the ability to barter, so it's countertops for cavities, and I am so delighted to have a writing surface that will stand the test of time.  I won't tell you yet what it's going to be, but it's something fun and exciting!