Circle Time Inspiration

Thanks for the break, everyone.  I had a busy July with lots of excitement including a learner's permit, a tenth birthday, a 39th birthday (that would be me), our 18th anniversary, a trip to the coast, a trip to the city to hear the symphony, and a homeschool convention.

And now I have Circle Time on the brain.

Want to see a terrific Circle Time Schedule for the fall?  Catholic mom Tracy shares her plan in a PDF you can download and peruse.

Our fall Circle Time is beginning to take shape in my mind, too.  I've had to think and pray hard about what our fall schedule should look like, as I am in the middle of uncharted territory for me with two little boys to keep busy while we work.  Typically I have a wandering/babbling little person and a baby who can't go anywhere.  With these two just 14 months apart, I have two wanderers/babblers.  It's a whole new season!

As we move along here in August, I'd love to see your plans, too.  If you're willing to share you fall plan for Circle Time, please email me (kenj at [this site's name] dot com).  I'll post them for others to glean from as well.