Food. Yes, Food.

I'm nursing a nasty cold this weekend so I've propped myself on the couch with stacks of food magazines around me. I wanted to get a jump on menu planning for the rest of the year so I don't have to think about it again. I do plan menus in advance, tweaking as necessary to accommodate grocery sales and events that inevitably come up.

Even with changes that will have to be made, getting the menus out of my brain and onto my computer feels good. It's also a main factor in saving money on groceries.  You don't have to make it complicated; choose 12-15 meals your family loves and start plugging them into your calendar.  I just happen to like food, cooking, baking, and that stack of cookbooks by my side.

I've been reading Mary Ostyn's new book called Family Feasts For $75 a Week, and as I've been reading it I keep thinking I need to share it with you. I like Mary's casual style and logical organization. The book is easy to follow and is jam-packed with practical help, up-to-date information, and sensible recipes. I borrowed my copy from the library but will be buying one to keep with my cookbooks.

One thing: $75 is for a family of four. Mary spends as much as our family does per month on food, but recently on her blog she's been challenging herself to feed her family of 10 (at home) for $75 per week this month. Hop over there and see what she's been doing!