My Points and Swagbucks

I wrote about My Points in my little series on frugality, and several of you asked for the code to join. In a nutshell, My Points awards you points for clicking through their emails or for printing and using grocery coupons or for shopping through the My Points site. Last year I earned enough points to cash in for gift cards I then gave as Christmas presents (Starbucks, iTunes, Panera...) and plan to do the same this year. What a perk!

I didn't write about Swagbucks then because I was just trying it out. It's essentially the same idea as MyPoints, except you can also download the Swagbucks toolbar and search through that instead of conventional search engines, earning points for searches. Rack up the points and then cash in for gift cards!

Interested? If you want to sign up for My Points, please leave a comment here and I'll send you an email. If you would like to check out Swagbucks, just click on the links here and you'll go there to sign up.