Our Favorite Preschool Apps

One of the trickier realities of life with a lot of children is that sometimes siblings have to wait for each other during various classes, lessons, and events.  My little guys get taken to plenty of field trips and other places which don't exactly appeal to them, and during which I need to keep them at least content.

We've never been big on gaming around here, knowing there are plenty of better ways to fill a young person's time.  But BOY HOWDY do I love a few apps on my iPhone, pulled out and handed over to the 3-year-old at just the right moment (pre-meltdown).  Here are some of our favorites, just in case you find yourself in a similar situation every now and again:


Pretty much is what its name implies.  Little fingers start on the crab and follow the numbers to write letters, then shake the tumbling star block into the corner to get to the next letter.

Paper Town

Paper dolls in an age of digital art.  I've caught a few of my older kids putting these cute characters together, too.  You know who you are.

Angry Birds

Everyone likes Angry Birds.  My kids demolish me every time.


Hmmmm.  I've never seen anything quite so elaborate created by my kids on Doodle Buddy, but the ability to use your finger and doodle all over this app makes it immediately appealing.

Flash Cards

Lovely little free app from Parents Magazine. Great guilt absolver as it makes me feel as if we're actually pulling off preschool for the day.