Classic Re-Post- Christmas Books to Add to Your Collection

Last week Laura asked about Christmas books:

"One of the things we’d really love to do though is have a load of books and stories that we read around Christmastime: I wasn’t brought up in a Christian home and my parents had many stories we’d look forward to at Christmas, it was a lovely tradition, but they’re not necessarily the same books I’d choose for my kids :-) You’ve mentioned your Christmas collection of books a couple times, and I was wondering if you could do a post that lists what’s in that box? If you’ve done one before then point me in the right direction! I scoured the site and only got as far as One Wintry Night and The Priest With Dirty Clothes. We would really appreciate a few more suggestions!"

I'm super happy to pull the boxes out and share with you what's in our collection because my kids pour over these books year after year after year.  I put them in a place of honor- in a huge basket in front of the living room fireplace. And remember: this is a 20-year-old collection, purchased and acquired bit by bit.

Currently in Print, Spiritual/Overtly Christian

Currently Out of Print, Spiritual/Overtly Christian

Currently In Print, Not Necessarily Spiritual

Currently Out of Print, Not Necessarily Spiritual

Board Books for the Little Ones

I look for these everywhere throughout the year- library sales, used book stores, and the local Christian bookstore the week after Christmas when they're marked down by 50%. Christmas books are a wonderful thing to collect!