Sometimes, You've Just Got to Be Creative

Jackie McCobb posted this adorable picture on Facebook last week and I just had to ask her to share it here for you all. Jackie writes:

Ah! The dinner hour. Blood sugar levels are low, babies need their mommies and everyone is hungry. Even though dinner time here is as easy as easy could possibly be (popcorn, again? yes, I think so.) it still gets hectic.

I grew up in the warm, humid country of Venezuela where my parents were missionaries and it was there that I came upon this idea. Women there have stacks of shallow plastic buckets, or tubs, that they use for laundry. We call them "poncheras" and I don't know what they would be called in English. They use them for laundry, for storing things, and for bathing Baby anywhere in the house.

I think of it as a portable bath tub, and once my babies can sit on their own I just have to have one. She plays in her tub while I make dinner, work on the computer, or read books to her older sisters. What baby doesn't love water? She's so happy. Since we live in Paraguay, all of our floors are tile,which I love, and clean up is a breeze. Throw a few old beach towels underneath the tub to catch an splashes or spills and you're set.

I hope this idea brings a little more peace to your home as it has to mine.