Start Saving With Coupons!

We've talked about frugality and grocery budgets before, and I wrote a bit about the couponing that I do.  Just today I walked out of Walgreens with 4 toothbrushes, 2 jars of peanut butter, 2 jars of jam, and a bottle of conditioner for a whopping $1.07.

Many of you have asked me to write more about it, so I thought I'd ask my friend Jim Bob Howard, who some of you may know as the former Editor-in-Chief of Homeschooling Today magazine, to explain how he and his bride saved almost $19,000 in one year on their groceries, while eating well and building up a sizeable stockpile.

Jim Bob has agreed to give a seminar on the web (a webinar) to Preschoolers and Peace readers absolutely free, THIS Thursday, March 11, 2010 at 6:00pm (Pacific Time), especially for you.

I know many of you have tried coupons before and haven't been impressed. I also know that many of you are struggling in the current economy, so I asked Jim Bob to show you how he and Amy cut their grocery budget in half, created their own private stockpile, and saved an estimated $18,700 on their groceries in one year.

BUT, most importantly... I've asked him to reveal how YOU can repeat their efforts and enjoy the benefits of more money in the bank AND more groceries in your house.

We have a limited number of spots for this event, so there's a very good chance this will FILL completely.

Click HERE to register for Start Saving With Coupons

I get to be in on the webinar, too, so I'm excited to hear what Jim Bob has to say.  $19,000 is a huge savings!


P.S. - We'll have a VERY special offer cooked up for those who
attend the webinar LIVE. It will be worth your while to be on
the webinar, I promise!