7 Pinterest Boards To Keep Your Preschooler Busy

I have a friend who is preparing to homeschool her oldest child, and he is turning four later this year. She's just wanting to do some preschool stuff, get their feet wet with homeschooling, and see if it's a lifestyle that they could get into for the future.

Maybe you are the same? You're just getting starting, wondering what you can do to with your little person or people at home.

Or maybe you are like me and have a few school aged kids and a preschooler or two and want to make sure that your little guys aren't left behind.

Below I have listed 7 Pinterest boards that are chock-full of ideas to help your preschoolers learn and explore their world. Have a look through them and find ideas that suit your family. Remember, you don't have to do them all. Maybe just select 3 or 4 ideas to do each week. But don't hung up about being just like another family. Do what works for you.

1. Preschoolers And Peace - You're not surprised that I listed this one, right??

2. Circle Time! - Circle Time is an important part of our homeschool and I always include things that are great for my youngest kids.

3. Preschool Learning  - This board has so many great ideas. Some fun, some more learning focused, all wonderful.

4. Homeschool Toddler Activities - Lots of things for the toddlers to do, too!

5. Toddler Activities -  Sometimes just taking a quick look at these boards, like I'm doing right now, energizes me and gets me excited to get down on the floor and play!

6. ABC Ideas - Carisa over at 1+1+1=1 has been my go-to girl for hands-on learning ideas for years. Her Pinterest boards are lovely and so fun!

7. Before Five In A Row ideas - If you're wanting something a bit more scripted, Before Five In A Row is a wonderful, gentle way to begin homeschooling your pre-k child. This board gives lots of ideas to go along with the lesson plans already provided in the book.

So, go! Explore! Find new ideas! And most importantly, have fun.