Laundry- ugh!  This week I was searching for a new approach.  There were several things I liked about how I was accomplishing laundry so I decided to keep those elements:

- I love the actual washing and drying.  It's the easy part- load the machine, turn the right knobs, and voila!  It's done.  Transferring to the dryer is no biggie, either.  Plus, I can rest assured that no one is putting a red sweatshirt into the bleach load (or handling the bleach in the first place).


-I love having a basket for each child or bedroom on the laundry room counter.  Eliminates unnecessary trips of dirty laundry from bedrooms to laundry room and clean laundry from laundry room to bedroom.  See photo below.


But I HATE to fold.  I hate to fold for a household of eight, soon to be nine, even more.


So duh!  Why was I standing there folding everyone's laundry and placing it in their baskets?  They are all perfectly capable of doing the job themselves, even the two-year-old with help I will gladly offer.


Henceforth, when I grab our current read-aloud, they will all retrieve their laundry baskets and fold, with the following guidelines clearly outlined and posted:

1. Fold whatever is not folded in your basket


2. Put undies and jammies in the correct places in your bedrooms:

Boys- in your drawers

 Girls- in your shelf baskets


3. Put socks away where they belong:


Boys- in the laundry room drawer and basket

 Girls- in the laundry room drawer

4. Put items that need to be ironed neatly on the ironing board

5. Hang towels in your bathroom

6. Put sheets away on your closet shelves or directly onto your beds

7. What’s left in your basket? Make sure what’s left is supposed to be there!