The Girls' Room (and ending squabbles)



I love lists.  I love them because they get my thinking out onto paper so that I don't have to think anymore and I love them because they communicate what needs doing.


Two sisters here were having battles every time they needed to pick up their room.  One claimed she'd done the job while the other claimed she hadn't and so forth.  I was at the point of exasperation.  This was a situation just crying out for a list!  We posted the list last week and magically, 90% of the conflict just disappeared.  Both girls know what is expected of them and neither can claim they did their part if the evidence is to the contrary.




Make both beds

Tidy dressers

Fold clean clothes and put them away

Tidy bathroom


Put books away

Put dirty clothes in the laundry

Put toys away

Pick up trash and throw it away

 What needs a list in your home?