Read Alouds for Girls

Recently I received an email from Stacy asking for read-aloud recommendations for her four-year-old daughter.  I thought more of you might like to see what I sent to her.  This list is rather girl-centric, so I'll post a boyish read-aloud list for the youngest ones in your family soon.




Charlotte's Web


The Boxcar Children


Winnie the Pooh


Stories of the Pilgrims


Little House in the Big Woods


Homer Price


Owls in the Family


Huguenot Garden


Emily's Runaway Imagination


Baby Island


Hans Brinker


Toliver's Secret


Don't be bound by books you think might be appealing because your little ones are, well, little.  My friend Melissa read the entire Chronicles of Narnia to her little girls while they were in the bath.  Over a course of months, of course. But they weren't in the bath all those months... ok, I'll stop now.


And do you have a copy of Jan Bloom's Who Should We Then Read?  Well worth the money, and you can see a list of available titles listed in Jan's book at the site of my favorite used book seller.