Remember what it was like to be expecting your first baby?

I have a sweet friend who is expecting her first, and her blog entry yesterday really touched me.  It just reminded me that I need to see each of my children in this way:

Yesterday was my third doctor's appointment. Our little baby is growing and healthy. It is so awesome, and reassuring, to hear his (or her) little heartbeat. Thump-thump, thump-thump. . . 156 miraculous beats per minute. God is amazing.

Her little heart has been beating for almost as long as I've even known of her existence. And, God already knows the exact number of beats it will beat. Every beat of our tiny child's heart is counted out and each of her days is numbered. God is amazing.

I have difficulty grasping the magnitude of the fact that inside me is a tiny eternal being. This baby, measured in ounces and inches, has an infinite number of days ahead of him. God created an everlasting soul. God is, right now, inside of me, wrapping that soul in sinews and skin. God is amazing.

Hearing that heart beating so rapidly and strongly is a tangible reminder of the increased responsibility I have to pray for the baby to whom that heart belongs. To pray that she will have a soft and teachable heart. To pray that God would be gracious and cause this little one to seek and love Him early. God can hear and answer those prayers. God is amazing.