Morning Sickness Revisited

I know it's iffy to post on a day when the morning sickness isn't knocking me out, but I *believe* I have had some success by keeping my stomach full of protein and by using Shonda Parker's Morning Soothe.  That little tincture has taken the edge off.

I am also taking Super Mom and Tummy Tune-Up, but it's hard to tell whether they're helping or not.  Yesterday was a bad day, today is better.

I was head-down in the shower trying to keep from throwing up last night when my 5-year-old walked by and said, "What are you doing?" (Side note: we have no door on our bathroom.  Six kids and no bathroom door.  What were the previous owners thinking???)

I said, "Trying to keep from throwing up."

"Oh", she replied.  "Well, if you throw up in there, make sure you clean it up.  And next time, run to the toilet as fast as you can."

That funny five-year-old