This blog has been hijacked to bring you an important message…

It’s Kendra’s Birthday!!!

In tribute to my best girlfriend here, in no particular order, are 36 of my favorite things about Kendra:

1)       She can down a pint of Ben & Jerry’s in no time flat

2)       She doesn’t focus on externals

3)       She talks to my kids when they answer the phone

4)       She almost always has a solution to my organizing dilemmas

5)       She expects my kiddos to obey her

6)       She produced three daughters so I have little girlies to dote on

7)       She knows my history and loves me anyways

8)       She tells me when my, “slip is showing!”

9)       She rejoices over little things like dry Bob the Builder undies!

10)   She compliments my husband

11)   She fixes my knitting disasters

12)   She introduced me to Scharffenberger Chocolate

13)   She’s always willing to prepare a menu, complete with recipes, when I’m entertaining

14)   She’s always up for a trip to Bob’s at the Marina

15)   She shares all the best books she reads

16)   She figured out I was a Christian when she saw the Amy Grant CD in my hand!

17)   She throws great parties

18)   She’s almost always up late for an IM chat

19)   She gave me a box in her bathroom

20)   She brought headphones so I didn’t have to listen to Gregorian Chants during all-nighters at Denny’s

21)   She understands what my life is like

22)   She calmly talks me out of near nervous break downs when I think about teaching history

23)   She let me watch her give birth

24)   She answers my silly questions about cooking without laughing at me

25)   She’s real about her struggles

26)   She hates tomatoes, pickles, and coffee

27)   She understands when I tell my daughter someday she’ll be my best girlfriend

28)   She stocks Mountain Dew

29)   She’s my daughter’s biggest customer…and she doesn’t even like soap!

30)   She passed me chocolate in church when I was pregnant

31)   She doesn’t like to talk on the phone

32)   She knows my children’s struggles and encourages me as I encourage them

33)   She makes great chore charts, schedules, and school databases that I can just plug my kiddos into!

34)   She doesn’t mind me and my seven children just dropping in (or at least doesn’t show it!)

35)   She cried with me during the birth of my last child

36)   She truly has a peaceful home!

Happy Birthday dear friend; you truly are a gift from God to me!


Please join me in wishing Kendra a happy, happy birthday! I know she’ll love to read your birthday wishes between dashes to the bathroom as she battles her morning sickness.