Christmas Planning, Again

A couple of you mentioned the stress that sending Christmas cards brings.  Because of it, ten years ago we decided to send an annual 4th of July letter instead.  I cannot tell you what a blessing this has been to me! People always respond positively- seems they enjoy getting a "Christmas" letter mid-year.


 These two are being raised like cousins.  Maybe we'll embarrass them and put this on next year's card...


If choosing another holiday or time of year doesn't appeal to you, then by all means start to think about your cards now.  Get them ordered if that's what you like to do, or design them and start cranking them out.  At the very least, start addressing and stamping the envelopes!  If you did ten a night, you'd have them finished in no time flat, and probably before summer's end.  Then write personal notes in November and pop them in the mail December 1st!


Some places to order from or glean ideas:


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