Finding Quiet Time- Dana Ernst

First, I will confess that I can tend to complicate things, mess with the nitty gritty when all a matter needs is a focus on the big picture. With this in mind, during the sleep deprived years of night time nursings and caring for busy toddlers and preschoolers, I have made a concentrated effort not to complicate the precious moments I set aside to focus solely on the Lord and what he has for me that day. This was a lesson I learned within the time of the birth of my first 2 children and I felt that I wasn't growing in my relationship - but really it was my idea of growth that was marred. Somehow I attributed a deep study of theology or biblical history to mean true growth in Jesus. The Lord forced his way through my busy thoughts and said, "Keep it simple." So I packed a bag with a chronological Bible, a journal, note cards (to copy verses on and tuck in my pocket or place by the kitchen sink) and a pen. This was key for me in keeping it simple, to have it all together, to take wherever it was I was to meet with the Lord that day.

When my second son, an early riser was around a year old, I taught him to come snuggle up beside me; I would have his juice already waiting with his bible, coloring tools and a notebook. He knew to sit quietly and do his ‘quiet study' while I finished mine. Now at 7, this has become habit for us, to meet together in the morning. In a way he has kept me disciplined because I feel bad if he wakes up alone. He has told me how special these times are to him.

With busy, needy children and now home schooling, the verse in my pocket keeps his word in my head and orders my mind by meditating on his commands. During the day I will jot down thoughts or lessons on the cards and tuck them in my journal in the evening. There have been times of deeper study, but keeping it simple has allowed me to listen more for what the Lord is trying to teach me, which is the big picture.