Quick and Healthy Snacks for Little People




♥Muffin Tins filled with an assortment of anything they love.  Our favorites around here are dry cereals like Cheerios, mini pretzels, raisins, craisins, diced apples, and banana chips.


♥Quarter an apple (core it, too).  Spread natural peanut butter on the cut sides and then dip it in flax seeds.  We have to make several apples' worth of these because we all love them so much.


♥Freeze yogurt in little sandwich bags.  You could also buy Go-Gurts and do the same thing, but the big tubs are much cheaper.  Just measure the amount you want for each bag and then pop them into the freezer.


♥Cheese sticks, cheese sticks, and, um, cheese sticks.  Standard answer to "What can I have for a snack?" around here is cheese sticks and fresh fruit.  Buy them in bulk at Costco or Sam's.


♥In the fall I buy 50 pound boxes of apples from a patient of my husband's and then go to work making applesauce (I use Turbinado sugar bought in bulk from Azure Standard), dried apples rings in the dehydrator, and apple pie filling.


♥On a baking binge when I am not in my first or third trimesters, I like to make mini muffins and freeze them.  They are super easy to take out of the freezer and thaw quickly.


♥And for bigger people, I try to keep a big bowl of pistachios or almonds on the kitchen island.  They are a good price at Costco, and I don't care if they snack from it all day long.  By the way, the almond crop in California was severely damaged by our weird spring weather, so they might be cost-prohibitive this year.