When you come to Preschoolers and Peace do you think any of the following?


1. Her kids are smarter than mine

2. Her house must be cleaner than mine

3. She fixes better meals than I do

4. She is more disciplined and spiritual than I am

5. Her marriage is better than mine

6. She can do it all, but I can't

7. She is more capable than I am

8. I am the only one who is falling apart and feels the way I do


If so, then you are believing LIES!


I could spend this whole post debunking the above, but something tells me you STILL wouldn't believe me.  But the women who visit this blog who actually know me know that none of the above is true.  Their shoes have stuck to my kitchen floor, their kids have been walloped a time or two by my naughty ones, they know we had donuts for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and hamburgers for dinner last Saturday...


I bring this up not only because I've heard these things, but because I've believed them myself, and from time to time still do.  Lisa gave me Todd Wilson's short but sweet new book entitled, Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe.  If you're prone to believing any of the above lies, then get yourself a copy!





 And stop believing the lies!  They aren't from God, lover of your soul.