Little Helps With a New Baby

Well, hello again!  I have been enjoying little Christian and have seriously neglected Preschoolers and Peace, but I know you all understand.  Tonight he is nine days old and developing chubby cheeks and the ability to look at us for more than a minute or two before falling fast asleep again.

Nursing is not happening.  I have had trouble with all seven, and yes I do know how to train them to latch on properly   Not wanting to divulge too much private info on a public blog, let's just say I have anatomical reasons my babies can't nurse very well in the beginning.  As I have done with several others, I am pumping and will wait a few weeks to try to get this little guy back on, so if you think of it, please pray that he will.

I have some favorite products that have been a serious help to me this time around.  I already told you about SuperMom supplements.  Have you tried them yet?  This is our first baby to not have breastmilk jaundice, and I strongly suspect the high Spirulina content he is getting through my milk to be the factor in that.

A few other great products, reviewed here just for you!

-The Miracle Swaddling Blanket   This one is really, truly a fabulous find.  I like to swaddle my newborns, and they seem to like it for at least a few months.  Despite the fact that we also refer to it as "the baby straight jacket", the Miracle Swaddling Blanket calms Christian right down and allows him to sleep without flailing his arms out of the blanket while sleeping on his side.  If you are interested in looking at one, see the link at the right.  Amazon has a good price on them.

-Wish Garden Herbal Cord Care One of our homebirth midwives turned us on to this.  It is a blend of Oregon grape root and goldenseal root powders, and it helps to dry up their cords and belly buttons quickly.  I like that it's gentle.  Even the doctor who checked Christian out of the hospital asked about it and thought it a better alternative to alcohol, even though I jokingly called it a "hippie homebirth thing".

-Soothies Gel Pads   OK,  These are fabulous.  Fabulous!  Because of my nursing issues, nursing is also excrutiatingly painful.  And the other tricky part for me is that I produce an overabundance of milk.  Soothies relieve the pain, absorb the moisture (this is the first time ever I haven't leaked constantly), and don't show under a shirt.  They don't show at all!  They are ridiculously overpriced, so ask your hospital lactation consultant if you can have some to take home, and also look for them on ebay.  Just don't bid against me


I'll be back in a few days!