More on Socialization

Jodi recently emailed me about the photo entitled “Socialization”.  I loved what she wrote so much that I sent it on to a few friends:

 "LOVED the "Socialization" picture on your blog. My 4 yo son and I guest-taught an early childhood elementary class at Florida State University last week, and one of the questions they asked was, "Do you feel your kids miss out on socialization by not going to public school?" to which I answered, "Yes, they miss out on the socialization of being peer-dependent rather than thinking for themselves, they miss out on the socialization of what to study when rather than learning to budget their own time..." and then she cut me off and said, "No, I mean, do they resent you for not being able to go to the prom?"  Too funny!"

I received some great responses after having sent it:

Steve is a friend who has served as Principal at several classical schools, most recently in San Francisco-

 “Very funny, very sad.  You do realize that thinking and knowledge are not valued (even looked down on) in education departments.  Subsequently it is not valued in schools, public and most private.  What they do learn, (the lucky ones don’t) is how to cooperate, not excel, how to follow the rules, not to question them. There is no individual achievement recognized, there are no stories of heroes or individual achievement.”

Cheryl wrote-

 “Funny!!  Don't feel bad, after almost two decades of homeschooling I get some dumb version of the same question!  And why, oh why, is the goofy prom always brought up???   I love asking those folks (the prom proponents) two questions.  First, "Who did you go to your prom with?"  Most people usually have to think a bit before coming up with an answer.  Some can't remember.  Second, if they did remember, I ask, "When was the last time you saw him (or her)"?  If the prom was that HUGE of a deal, wouldn't you remember it better?  Wouldn't you still be wanting to spend time with the person that was part of such a LANDMARK event in your life.  Aye, yai, yai... Just heard a version of the "prom" question at Grandma's funeral of all places!

Thanks for the chuckle, and sorry for the rant

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't school about- school?