Food for Thought

A very thoughtful mom at church whom I admire sent me the following.  What is our example to our children?

 I enjoyed your comment on socialization. I don't think this question ever goes away! And do we truly understand school is about- school? A public or private school is often evaluated by the activities, clubs or sports offered to our children. You will find few parents among them who are searching the curriculum or academic level first. Fifteen years ago, homeschooling was based on education. Today our homeschool conferences or support groups are juggling socialization with academics. As a result I feel the education of the homeschoolers are declining.

Back in the cave man days, I would often meet with other families to study. Our time was education first, all moms participated and everyone learned. Yes, we would all have a time to socialize but it was controlled with well behaved children. What I have found today, socialization with a little education. Our children are taught like our typical classroom although the mothers sit in back- why? To socialize. What are we teaching our children? School/socialization... same thing. I'm afraid "school about-school", may be a foreign concept. You go girl!