Leap Frog and Lauri Puzzles


Lisa gave our three-year-old some very useful DVDs for her birthday this year. Leap Frog Talking Letters and Words Factory have taught her, effortlessly, her basic letter sounds and complete alphabet recognition. Resources like these are a boon to the homeschooling mom of many. But if you are a mom of little guys and gals, these DVDs will give your students a leg up before you even begin to teach them to read.

If you’ve read the Preschoolers and Peace site or blog for any length of time, you know what a fan of Lauri Puzzles I am. The alphabet puzzle is a great tool to reinforce what has been learned on the Letter and Words Factory DVDs. I was recently caught with little three-year-old (in princess attire, no less) as we played through the alphabet puzzle and sang the little ditty reciting each letter’s principle sound. It’s fun and games to her, and little does she know she’s mastered her pre-reading skills.