Define "Peace"

What is it about nursing a baby that makes one’s head fuzzy? I’ve wanted to write this post for some time, and finally tonight I knew I had to try and put two cohesive thoughts together. Bear with me.

When we named the site “Preschoolers and Peace” we knew that the word, the idea, the goal of peace was central to the ministry here. But what does it mean exactly to have peace in the midst of preschoolers?

To some extent I think that the measure and level of peace in a home is individual; some of us can handle more chaos than others. Your definition of peace may not be mine simply because you might be able to function well with more going on around you than I can.

Does peace mean that you will have a lot of time to yourself? Well, no. But by implementing routines and schedules that can be followed by everyone in the household, you may be able to have an hour in the middle of your day or several in the early morning or late evening in which you can accomplish several tasks uninterrupted (or nap ).

Does peace mean that your preschoolers will always happily obey you with quiet responses of “Yes, ma’am”? Um, no. But by setting standards and goals and by building a strong relationship day to day with them, you can capture their hearts and cause them to want to obey you, eventually. Their trust and your leadership will bring peace to your home.

Does peace mean that your home will be quiet, devoid of shouts and babble indicative of resident preschoolers? Nope. But again, we can put a plan into action that gets us to the goal of a functioning, peaceful home. I often look a little one in the eye and say, “Honey, I’m right here. You don’t need to shout”. Preschoolers, toddlers, babies, and yes- teenagers, can cause a lot of unrest by default. They are all busy, noisy, and require heaps and heaps of our time and energy, but I’m sure you know that.

Preschoolers and Peace exists to encourage you in your journey of home educating all ages, but particularly those little ones who can cause such an uproar if mom doesn’t have a plan. As long as God provides me with the time, energy, and resources, I will continue to post ideas and strategies that might be another tool in your quest for a household that functions well and peacefully.

Still, I hope you know and I often have to remind myself that peace, true peace, the peace that passes all understanding, is found in Christ alone. Begin and end there. Period.