Summertime Peace



Traditionally, summer is a time to kick back and enjoy life. Initially I thought that meant that any schedule and routine could just be put to the wayside, but the reality was that my children didn’t function well without the sense of routine we always had during the school year. They bickered more. They accomplished just about nothing. And they complained when asked to do something worthwhile.

It took me about a week to realize that while we didn’t need to be following a school-year schedule, we did need at least a flow chart, or some concrete goals for the summer. And having a routine actually frees us to be spontaneous; I don't worry so much that we are fritting away our time because I know that on most days, we are being productive.

Yesterday I sat down and wrote out a routine, including the activities I would need to get the two older boys to every day for 11 weeks of the summer. I took the baby’s naptimes into account, and the goals the children have made for themselves.

Times are estimate and I really don't stick too closely to them. But listing times helps me to see if what I've planned will realistically fit in a day.


Summer Circle Time and Daily Schedule

 10:00  Psalm, Prayer

Devotional: Finish Grandpa's Box

 Hymns for a Kid’s Heart

Catechism Review


  Table Manners

 Memory Work: 1 John 4:7,8, Proverbs 31:10-31, Psalm 1, Psalm 23

  Seeds CDs

  Art cards

Walk Through the Bible Old and New Testament Cards



Chores For those who didn’t finish before breakfast


Summer Catch Up 

Copywork H & N- Choose book of the Bible

  J- Complete 06/07, choose book of the Bible

  A- Copywork for Little Girls

*N to Lifeguarding at 12:10*


Read Aloud at Lunch


Swim 30 mins after lunch


Quiet Hour

*H and N to water polo at 3:10*


Summer Projects

4:30, 5:00