Memory Work CD's

I received this email recently and knew it had to be shared. Mystie's story has lit a fire under me to get going on some new CDs for my little ones!


I've been doing Circle Time with my two boys since my oldest was 2 1/2, ever since I saw the suggestion on We were working on Psalm 1 and the Catechism for Young Children. However, we got out of our groove while we were in the process of moving, I was in the first trimester, and then our renovations of the house we bought got delayed and we were living in chaos -- and no kitchen -- for a month.

So, things were crazy and memory stuff didn't get worked on. I remembered your suggestion for recording a "Mommy CD" and so as I was putting together goals and a plan for this coming year, I made a CD with
everything I wanted to accomplish in the next year or year and a half
: the entire catechism (145 questions), the Apostle's Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Lord's Prayer, Psalm 139, and a few others. Then I filled the rest of the CD with songs and stories.

My oldest has been listening to it for a month during his quiet time and we began our new routine last week. We hadn't hardly worked on the Apostle's Creed before and he was saying it by himself on the second day; not only that, but he had also vastly improved on his catechism answers, just by hearing it
every day. Today I decided to introduce the next three questions and answers (Q&A 31-33) and he immediately answered them and only needed a little help with his pronunciation!

So I decided to keep going to see just how much he'd already picked up and he got through Q&A 138 before requesting to stop and use the bathroom. :) He needed some promptings on quite a few (especially reciting the Ten Commandments) but only completely missed 7.

Ok, so I'm bragging to you and I don't even know you and you don't know me, but I just wanted to tell you that I am very grateful for your suggestions on and suggest to you that you
emphasize that Mommy CD more, because it really works! Also, ever since I made it for him, he's been eager for quiet time and doesn't complain about going down. Some days he even asks at 10 in the morning if he can go take his quiet time and listen to his CD. :) Now I'm starting to think I might have to buy a little CD player for my 2-year-old and make him a CD, too. :)

Thank you!