This post is for Lois, Kristi, and Dana. Of course, the downstairs was neat and tidy (except I didn't mop the kitchen floor ) and so we talked about how easy it is to assume someone else's homeschooling house is always cleaned up. In fact, when my family was helping me get it into order, my oldest son said wisely, "Mom, if you really want to encourage the ladies, then we shouldn't be cleaning up." Ha! True. But I did want to make it a nice environment for everyone so we made sure the bathroom was clean and the clutter was at least tossed upstairs.

But the challenge from the ladies above was to take pictures of our homes during the "real" times. Here you go, girls. These photos are from Sunday afternoon, 4:30 p.m.

Hmmm... the Sunday paper, half-eaten coffee cake, my ice tea glass with spoon, various other glasses, and the mess left from several children cracking walnuts on the counter in the background.

Some kinda creativity goin' on. Drawing on walnuts and building with straws, complete with stuff on the counters and desk. When we re-do this kitchen, the desk is history. It's a stuff-magnet.

So now it's your turn. Anybody want to share the reality of life as a busy homeschooling household?