When Circle Time Just Isn't Working, Part Two

We've done a lot of different things during Circle Time over the years. Last spring we went through the book of Acts together, notebooking each chapter. There were four of us who could read, so we divvied up the verses each day and shared the reading of the chapter. After the reading, we each drew a picture of an event or two that occurred in that particular chapter that day, and then the pictures were compiled into each child's binder. This worked beautifully; the oldest participant (me) could draw at my level and the youngest (5) could draw at hers. At the end of every day, each child was eager to show Dad their work, and so reinforcement was happening naturally, as well.

We've read books, celebrated Advent with a Jesse Tree, written letters to friends abroad, sung everyone's favorite praise song, prayed for friends in crisis, and laughed a lot. We've encouraged each other, built one another up, and discussed the things we're working on.

And yet. I lost steam. Maybe it was the unexpected pregnancy this past fall? Circle Time had become really, really predictable. And I admit I wasn't giving it much effort.

Dana challenged me a few weeks ago to once again take hold of our Circle Time and really make something of it. What we're doing now is a mix of her ideas and our established habits. And it's going very, very well.

Circle Time -- Spring 2008

- prayer
- Scripture memory, currently corresponding with what we're doing together at church:

Colossians 3:12-17
Ephesians 1:3-14
Ephesians 2:10
Romans 5:12-21
Romans 8:1-10
Matthew 5:1-19
Isaiah 53:1-12

- Word of the Day - Each child copies the word onto a piece of paper. The older ones must define it, write an original sentence using the word, and illustrate it while the younger ones simply illustrate it. HT: Dana

- Ruth Heller grammar books. We read the day's grammar snippet and then the children copy the concept (ie, "verb of being"). The older ones write a sentence illustrating the concept while the youngers simply draw a picture to describe the idea. HT: Dana


-Draw to Learn the Book of Proverbs. Thanks to my friend Liz for this one. See Liz? You newbies can teach us oldies some new tricks!

- A Child's Geography: Explore the Holy Land. It's Ann Voskamp-- need I say more?





"Word of the Day", in pirate hat