Post Partum Peace

Hey Kendra!

I am going on 37 weeks pregnant now and I am needing some ideas for keeping my girls occupied (4.5 yrs and 19 mos.) while I am in bed recuperating the first few weeks. I don't want them getting bored and getting into mischief so I need activities they can do while I am in bed or on the couch supervising them.

Thanks so much for any help you can give. I really appreciate your wisdom and practical advice. Hope all is well with your pregnancy.


Hi Andrea-

I had a friend who had to be on bed rest for all four of her pregnancies. She would park herself on the couch for the day, fill a cooler with snacks and drinks the kids could help themselves to, and put up a gate to keep them all within her reach. The children were close in age- four in six years- so she had a ready supply of DVDs, books, toys, and coloring books, but she doled them out one at a time.

While you won't be bedridden, the idea of having things close at hand and prepared so you don't have to think on the spot is a good one. In that vein, I would also have breakfast ready to go the night before. Even having cereal bowls, spoons, and the cereal set out on the table is one less thing to think about.

Make sure you are drinking all the water you need throughout the day as well as getting enough protein in whatever form you can. Almonds in a bowl so you can grab them, peanut butter on crackers, etc. can help you get through the first weeks and still keep you nourished and hydrated.

And this might seem obvious, but don't start anything new. No new school plans. No new projects. No potty training!