More Help for the End of Pregnancy

More responses from generous friends:

Alas, I live far too far away to come for a dip but, oh, how I have milk
bottle legs (much too white!) that are in desperate need of a tan!

When we have had seasons to shift things up:

~3 subjects that we determine must be done everyday: for us, math,
grammar, Latin -- limit them to 30 minutes each--set the timer.

~have a goal time to head outside (1.5 hrs after beginning)--remind kids.
Offer juice/treat if everyone meets the goal time.

~Then read, read, read---outside. Everyone feels a change of pace, we still
are getting circle time, and history, geography, science--etc---but doing it
outside gives everyone a change of scenery (read for another 1.5 hr

Done by lunch then...

Works for us crazy Canucks to the north who are hanging in there with
school, some kids doing school on Sat. so that "we can get more summer."

He's got you in His grip!

All's grace...


Gosh I wish had a bowl of wisdom for you. Or at least a good drink. But
I know the greatest way to help is through prayer. With that the two
times that come to mind semi recently, where I have or had to pare down
school and/or my life was traveling and last April. For traveling I
bought a vocab book at 3 different grade levels that was a fun word
game type thing. The kids loved it. Still do. Kept them reading, and
doing a little fill in type writing. And I bought math crossword
puzzles from Scholastic to keep up their math facts. They read books and
journaled our vacation.

Last April I was emotional, spent, confused at the direction we were
headed. I prayed and prayed and then stopped school all together
(except 15 minutes for my phonics kid). I was ready to jump back into
school by mid August with a clear vision of where we were headed but
still waited until after Labor Day to start. I probably sound like a
slacker but I was new woman come September and I am so thankful that I
did stop. I do believe I accomplished more later because I stopped when
I did. I know now it was the season I was in (I was worried it was me
being irresponsible) because I feel so differently this year. This gave
me time and energy to take care of myself and other 'stuff'.

Where's your outside help? Anyone there to do easy stuff for you in the
afternoon so you can do the stuff in the morning hours that you feel
only you can do? Will the kids really be that behind if you do all you
can by 2 and then be done?

I'd tell you to remember to sleep, because the lack of sleep will zap your
energy, but if you're too uncomfortable that wouldn't help at all :)
Drink your water! Brain function lags and headaches ensue due to lack
of hydration.

I am praying (and have been). At least if none of my ideas helped you
know I am praying.