Leaving the Older Ones in Charge

When we have to leave for a portion of the day, the older ones are happy to run things. Making a list or schedule helps them to know what to do, and it gives them the ability to tell a little one, "This is what Mom and Dad said you need to be doing". Everything runs much more smoothly, and we can call them at any given moment and ask where they are on the day's list.

When we had little Joe two weeks ago, we left six of the seven at home with this list:


• Breakfast—French Toast Casserole
• Breakfast Clean-up:
H- clean up Ch, play with him, change his diaper
N- counters and table
J- dishes, including helping C put the high stuff away
C- clear table and empty dishwasher
A- floor (somebody help her!)

• Pray together. H lead by reading the Proverb for the day.
• Chores. DON’T SKIMP ON YOUR CHORES! Work as if you are working for God, because you ARE!
• Math- C do your math puzzle, and only do the ones (1 + 3= 4, etc.). A with J (J do math, A do clay. Help her pick it up and put it away when she’s done). C with N.
• C goes down for nap at 11:00
• PE- N lead this.
• Everyone clean bedrooms except J. J- help the boys and do the hallway. You’ll clean your room after C wakes up.
• Get C up at 12:30, change his diaper
• Lunch- sandwiches on Schroeder bread, chips
• Lunch clean-up:
same as breakfast!

• Quiet Hour. C with J. A on my bed with books.
• C down for nap at 3.
• After Quiet Hour, do the rest of your schoolwork. When it is finished:
Boys- take turns with computer games
Girls- Short video, then you may go to Grammy and PopPop’s
• Make sure you talk to Grammy and PopPop about what they want you to do for dinner.
• Get C up at 5! Change his diaper!

We love you ALL! Pray for us, and for your new baby brother, too. Dad will be calling you throughout the day to make sure everything is ok.