Baby Joe Update: Monday Morning


"Your son is very strong!"
Dr. Jorge Montes, Joe's Critical Care Doctor

Due to a blog friend and the above quote , we've now begun referring to him as "Mighty Joe." Thank you for all of your prayers, visits, food, and help with our children, the house and Andy's practice. You have made this first weekend very easy for us.

We met with Joe's doctor this morning, overall we are still maintaining his systems and putting out fires where they start. Remember, there is no medical treatment to stop the virus, only to deal with the symptoms that the virus causes. So, overall there is not much change today in what we are doing, just monitoring him for changes. The best guess is another week in the ICU and even longer in the hospital. With that said, there have been some improvements with our little guy.

Here is what has improved:
*Liver enzymes have dropped!
*Blood clotting has improved!
*Seizures have stopped and the EEG has been removed!
*He is still peeing tons!
*He has tolerated food well since yesterday without a return of diarrhea
*He has tested negative for the bacteria "c. diff."

Prayer Requests:
With all the good news, there is still a lot to pray for in this little guy's life.
There is still the unknown:
*Kidneys to start working on their own.
*Heart damage
*Brain damage
*Liver damage

General Prayers:
*His immune system to start working against the virus.
*For Kendra to feel better

Parent’s Assessment
We were greeted with open eyes again this morning. He looks less swollen and much more responsive to touch. He is much more grumpy! Kendra got to hold him this morning!

For photos and commentary, you can read theMangoTimes!

Thanks for praying for Mighty Joe!

Kendra and Andy