Wild at Heart

I'm usually not a Top Ten Bestseller book reader, particularly if the top ten books fall under the category of "Christian". When Wild at Heart came out, we didn't pay much attention to it until my brother gave it to us for Christmas. "We'll crack it", we thought. My brother is a thinker and has three boys of his own, so we believed the book must have enough merit for him to have given it as a gift (unless he was just trying to unload it on us, which wouldn't really be like him. I think.)

Want to know what I remember most about the book? The ability to let boys be boys. To let them test themselves. Push the limits. To not be a molly-coddling mom who freaks out at the sight of male blood. Or female blood, for that matter, but so far my girls know their limits and don't often test them.

This trait comes in handy during moments like this:

Those are my second and third-born boys. If you're hoping for daring men for your daughters, you'll find them here. They might, however, come with scrapes, scars, and some really great adventure stories.