Back to Life as We Know It

Life post-ICU is moving at lightening speed and I find it difficult to keep up!  Mighty Joe is doing beautifully, and although his MRI is scheduled for August 8th, we sure wonder if they'll find anything of permanent concern.  He's a healthy little 11-week-old boy.

I will be giving my Preschoolers, Preparation, and Peace workshop this Friday at the Valley Home Educators Convention as planned.  Mighty Joe gets to come with me and we're both excited to meet any of our blog readers who might be coming.  Please make sure you say hello!

My oldest son and I'll also be helping Linda Hobar in her Mystery of History booth both days.  Super excited about that!

I have a couple of posts in the hopper, and I hope you'll enjoy reading things that aren't all about our Mighty Joe.  It's back to life as we know it!