Before Mighty Joe's stint in the hospital, I had meant to write a post about the help I have in our home.  At the time, I had a weekly housekeeper and an "Alice", but Alice broke her arm and the housekeepers are nursing a mother in the hospital.  Not sure what God's trying to tell me, but I have had to rethink the way we're doing some things here.

We did a "room by room" cleaning this week, in which we all (13yo, 10yo, 9yo, 7yo, 4yo-- the 15yo, 1yo, and 3mo were off the hook) tackled one room at a time together.  Our tasks were spelled out for us, using the Fast Clean/Deep Clean Standard Cards from House of Order and our knowledge of Speed Cleaning tactics.  We only cleaned the downstairs, and it took us at least two hours.  There are 4400 square feet of house here.

My plan was to tackle the upstairs the next morning, but life got busy and we didn't quite do that... today we spent another hour in the disaster zone school room, but the one vacuum we have that actually works got a purple marker jammed in its tube.  Did I mention that someone threw away the dustpan by accident last week?  At least that's what I think happened, but the bottom line is that we now have no working vacuums and no dustpans.

Whatever God is trying to teach me, I need to learn it fast.  Because I have a feeling we'll be using old toothbrushes to clean next, but we have plenty of those.