Revamping Systems, Part Two: Chores

I liked Elizabeth's thinking. Take the Motivated Moms planner and tweak it be more personal. For me, the $8 annual purchase of the Motivated Moms planner is worth its weight in gold and I will continue that each year. The Bible readings help me to jump into Scripture when I need some direction and the monthly, quarterly, or annual chore reminders are extremely valuable to me. But for this season of my life, I need every little task spelled out for me. The distractions are aplenty and I need the thinking pre-done.

Two of My Favorite Distractions

I made my Excel Spreadsheet so I could see everyone's chores at a glance, but I also made a daily checklist that allows me to readily see who is doing what on which day. If I have to check it off, I am far more likely to check up on their work.

Here's the breakdown:

Mom's Daily Chores

Breakfast Dishes, Clean Guest Bathroom, Laundry, Prep Dinner

Monday: Clean Under Kitchen Sink/Other Specific Kitchen Tasks

Tuesday: Spot Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Wednesday: Clean Out Diaper Bag

Thursday: Wipe Down Dishwasher and Fridge

Friday: Clean Out Car

Saturday: Prep Church Lunch, Iron, Clip Children's Fingernails

10 (11 in October)- year-old Boy's Chores:


Prep Breakfast, Empty Kitchen Trash, Empty Clutter Basket, Feed Turtle & Gecko, Run a Load of Laundry, Wipe Down Boys' Toilet and Sink


Tidy Entry and Stairs, Tidy School Shelf, Tidy Kitchen Desk, Walk Property, Pour Dinner Drinks

Monday: Bring in Trash Cans

Tuesday: Clean Windows Dining Room/Kitchen

Wednesday: Change Boys' Bath Towels

Thursday: Wipe Down Washing Machine/Dryer

Friday: Stock Diapers and Wipes

Saturday: Prepare Church Clothes, Organize Closet and Drawers, Change Sheets (Every 2 Weeks), Clean Turtle Cage, Make 3 Bottles of Red Juice, Fold/Put Away Clothes, Fold Boys' Socks

9-year-old Girls' Chores:


Brush Teeth and Hair, Prep Breakfast, Clean Girls' Bathroom, Put Clothes Away, Empty Clutter Basket, Feed Dog and Cat, Gather Eggs


Tidy Family Room, Tidy School Shelf, Fold Laundry/Put Away, Dinner Prep Helper

Monday: Change Bath Towels

Tuesday: Wash Out Kitchen Trash Can

Wednesday: Stock Diaper Drawers

Thursday: Change Bath Towels

Friday: Organize Shoe Rack

Saturday: Prepare Church Clothes, Organize Closet, Dust School Room, Dust Office, Dust Living Room, Dust Family Room, Change Sheets (Every 2 Weeks), Iron, Bake for Sunday

7-year-old Girl's Chores:


Empty Trash, Empty Dishwasher, Brush Teeth and Hair, Empty Clutter Basket, Sort Girls' Laundry


Tidy Upstairs Hall, Tidy School Shelf, Fold Laundry, Dinner Prep Helper

Monday: Change Hand Towels

Tuesday: Fold Rags

Wednesday: Sweep Front Porch

Thursday: Stock Toilet Paper

Friday: Tidy Book Buckets

Saturday: Prepare Church Clothes, Stock Diaper Bag, Organize Closet, Clean Doors (Family Room, Front, Office, Garage), Sweep Front Porch, Sort Girls' Laundry, Change Sheets (Every 2 Weeks), Gather Everyone's Bibles

4-year-old Girl's Chores


Take wet kitchen towels to bucket, Brush Teeth and Hair, Gather Phones, Help Empty Dishwasher, Empty Clutter Basket


Dinner Prep Helper, Set Table, Tidy Living Room

Monday: Bring Rags and Red Juice to Mom

Tuesday: Bring Rags and Red Juice to Mom

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday: Help Mom

Saturday: Get Girls' Church Shoes & Put Them By the Front Door, Clean Light Switches

It seems like a lot when it's on paper, but the morning chores take us no more than 20 minutes. Saturday work days last longer, plus we tend to have projects as well. We get the jobs out of the way and then we can enjoy the rest of the day.

Amy asked about expectations and reminders. When they are young, I have learned to have really low expectations. I mean really, the help they give is not the work of an adult, nor should we expect it to be. I will remind them gently and sometimes not so gently.I have radically changed my attitude in regards to my responsibilities, their responsibilities, and what I can expect. And yes, I'll be blogging about that soon, too.

The older ones, on the other hand, have an income of some kind and so I have found that charging them a dollar amount if they neglect a regular chore is the most effective consequence. This week I made $8 :)

Our 15-year-old and 13-year-old are responsible daily for the dinner dishes, the chickens, and the pool. They have a full plate of chores on Fridays and Saturdays, but we are happy to let them focus their time and energies elsewhere after so many years being faithful in our home.