Update on Mighty Joe * MRI Results


Mighty Joe's PICU Buddies Trying to Escape



Many thanks again to everyone who continues to pray for and ask about Mighty Joe.

Mighty Joe is doing very well. He smiles, eats, sleeps, and poops just as a three-month-old should. We got the results of his MRI back this week and it confirmed that he does indeed have brain damage, but given his seeming normalcy, we have no idea what that means long term.

We are so at peace.  Just last month we were told he wouldn’t live and if he did he would certainly have major recovery hurdles, would be blind or deaf, would have feeding issues and require a G-Tube. So far, none of the above has proven to be true.  Last night as I fed Joe, I just thanked God over and over again.  This precious little human is exactly who God wants him to be.