When Trials Define Your Life

I have written often about my best friend, Lisa.  We've been friends for 20 years as of last month; she was one of the first people I met the day I moved into my dorm at college.  She was already friends with my husband who was friends with her husband, and little did any of us know that 20 years later we would have 16 children between us, live 20 miles from each other, and worship together in the same church.  What a gift, and I am grateful every day for Lisa's faithful friendship.

This has been a solid year of trials for Lisa's family.  Last fall she went into early labor and was on bedrest for 13 weeks.  She gave birth to Grace in January, and three weeks later Gracie was hospitalized for RSV.

Last month, her nine-year-old son was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.  Last Friday during a nature day field trip, her four-year-old broke his leg in three places.  Several ten pound babies have made reconstructive surgery absolutely necessary for Lisa, and that is scheduled for next Monday.

Are you tired?  Me, too.  Please pray for Lisa's family, as their lives right now are defined by the trials they are weathering.  Pray that they run the race and do not grow weary.  Pray for strength, and peace, and mercy.

Thanks.  Your prayers mean so very much to me.